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Colorado Select Futures' Jingle Belles Jamboree

Colorado Select is hosting its second annual all girls jamboree for the 10U and 8U age divisions. The purpose of this jamboree is to promote and grow the girls hockey game in the state of Colorado. The event will mix the girls from multiple hockey associations in the hope to create long-term athlete relationships both on and off-ice events.


December 15th, 2019


Edge Ice Arena


8U (2011 - 2014 Birth Years)
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
10U (2009 - 2010 Birth Years)
  • A
  • B

Rules & Regulations:

Registration & Entry Fee:

There are two registration methods available for the jamboree, either team registration or free agent registration:

  • Team registration will be for a team of up to 8 players. The cost for 8U teams is $300 and $300 for 10U teams. The tournament director may add free agent players to the team to bring the roster up to a maximum of 10 players.
  • Free agent registration for both 10U & 8U levels will be $50 per player.

The registration process will include the current level each team/player currently competes in this season under CAHA ; USA Hockey classifications. The teams/players will then be placed on mixed teams in two different divisions.

Entry fees must be paid online under the Tournament section of Colorado Selects Website ( or by a team/association check payable to”CSGHA” by December 10th, 2019. The entry fee is non-refundable once your team/player is accepted into the Jamboree. There is no admission fee for the spectators.


All players must be current season registered with USA Hockey. USA Hockey playing rules will be used. The team manager or parent of each player must present complete credentials prior to their first Jamboree game. Credentials shall include proof of current season registration for the player with USA Hockey or a copy of a current USA Hockey roster that includes the specific player. Any player from out of state whose state affiliate requires a travel permit must present this permit by email prior to the start of the jamboree and when the player checks in.

Tournament Format:

  • 8U Age Group: The 8U age group will be made up of two divisions, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.
  • 10U Age Group: The 10U division will also have two divisions. The top division will be made up of B level of play and the second division will be players at the Rec Level. If any A-level players register at the 10U level they will be placed evenly on rosters to make the teams as fair as possible.

A minimum of 4-6 teams will be formed at each age and skill division.

Game Format:

All 8U games will be played 4v4 cross ice(dependent on registration). The start of the game will consist of a 2-minute warm up and a running 26-minute period with a buzzer every two minutes for a line change. Each team will have a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 8 players. The games will have a USA Hockey certified coach as the official at both the 8U & 10U levels. These coaches will be part of the application process mentioned above. No score will be kept. Game pucks (blue) will be provided. The 10U age level will be half ice 4v4 and will have goalies on intermediate nets. There will be a buzzer every 90 seconds for a line change. Each team will play 4 games. No timeouts are permitted and each team will supply one coach on the ice to referee. No score will be kept. Game pucks (black) will be provided. This will count as three games toward your CAHA game count for the both the 10U & 8U age groups. You are allowed a maximum of 24 games under CAHA Policy and Procedures for 8 U and 36 games for 10U under the CAHA Policies and Procedures.

Jamboree Championship/Consolation Format:

There will be no championship or consolation games.


The players will be provided a jersey with their tournament fee.


Only USA Hockey certified coaches and players are allowed on the bench. All players on the bench must wear a helmet including a full face-mask pursuant to the USA Hockey rules. On the Select website, there will be a simple coaching application for any USA Hockey coach that wants to be a part of this process. All coaches must have a cleared background check through CAHA, be current with Safe Sport training, and have completed their USA hockey age appropriate module.


All players will receive a participation medal.


There are no tie breakers as score will not be kept.

Reporting Times:

Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. Teams must follow the USA Hockey SafeSport Locker Room Policy.

Disputes/Refusal to Play/SportsEngine:

There are no protests for game times.

Damage to the Facilities:

Should any player or team willfully damage any property in the facility, all costs for repair or replacement shall be paid by the team concerned. Arrangements for restitution shall be made immediately with the rink management. Any profanity or abusive behavior towards rink personal will result in an ejection from the rink and the jamboree.

Game Results:

Games will NOT be posted on CAHA’s electronic scoring system.

Locker Rooms:

Locker Rooms will be provided to each team. It is the responsibility of the coach(s) and/or manager to monitor the locker rooms per USA Hockey SafeSport.


Consumption of food and beverage is not allowed in the locker rooms.

Jingle Belles Jamboree

Free Agent Registration

Team Registration

Registration deadline is December 10th, 2019 

 All registered players will receive an email with final schedule and jamboree details by December 12th, 2019

CAHA Sanction Number: 20CO55


Questions?  Email Jesse Davis, Director of Hockey.