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CSGHA Billeting Program

By John Doner, 07/12/12, 6:12PM MDT


As the 2012-2013 season approaches and we prepare for tryouts and team selections, it is time to consider if you are a good fit to help billet an out of state player, providing a safe and enjoyable living situation for these young ladies coming into our association.

The Colorado Select has been the only Tier I program in the Rocky Mountain District for the last several years. This means that many players from outside of the state of Colorado looking for a Tier I opportunity will come to the Colorado Select. The CAHA restricts the number of out of state players on any Tier I team, 14U (2), 16U (7) & 19U (7), we have the maximum potential to host sixteen (16) out of state players. We certainly do not anticipate having that many out of state players, but we will have a few. It is the policy of the Colorado Select that Tier I coaches can require their out of state players to live as player/student residents for the season in which they are playing. This means that we need several families within our organization to help by hosting these players at 16U and 19U for the 2012-2013 season.

Hosting a player for an entire hockey season is a big responsibility and shouldn't be considered lightly. However the Colorado Select Girl’s Hockey Association and the Board of Directors believes the prospect of sharing ones home, to an individual who would otherwise not experience hockey at the level our organization provides, can be a worthwhile and rewarding experience. In addition the host families should not feel like they are solely assuming this responsibility. While the BOD believes responsibility rests primarily with the host family, the BOD will assist where possible to foster a successful hosting experience.

In addition to the responsibility, there is a cost to hosting an out of state player. It is recommended that host families negotiate a monthly stipend that will be used to cover costs of food, rent and utilities. All other player expenses are the responsibility of the player and their family. In the past, monthly stipends have ranged from $350-$500 per month.

 It certainly makes it easier if a billeted player is a teammate of your daughter but is not a necessity. As long as the out of state player has a means of transportation to and from the rink and school, the burden is greatly reduced.

If you feel that this is an experience that your family would like to provide and may be interested in hosting a player this upcoming season, please contact me to discuss the specific responsibilities and requirements. 

Thank you,


John Dohner

CSGHA Director of Tier I Programs