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Travel to Vancouver


Upcoming Travel...

March... check back for more info regarding the Vancouver tournament!


Are you committed?

I am trying to keep the roster up to date for Seniors that are committing to colleges even if you don't plan to play hockey.  Let me know if you want your information posted.  Thanks!

Check out the Photo Tab....

for pictures from the Chill tourney and the recent Alumni game played last month. If you have contact with any of those Alumni players please refer them to our site so they can enjoy them too, Thank you!  I have several other games to post pictures from and will work hard to get them up when we get back from Philly.

Home made ice packs

Here is a receipe for an inexpensive home made ice pack...  it works great, we have several in our freezer!

1 part rubbing alcohol, I used 1/2 cup

3 parts water, I used 1 1/2 cups

mix together in a regular sandwich zipper and freeze, I think its best to double baggie.It freezes very cold and is moldable, works better than frozen veggies, much colder too. 

Stinky Gear?

Whew... all our darling daughters have it. That funk, that "what is that?" aroma wafting behind them a they skip down the hallway after a hard played game. Well I have a cure, at least a temporary one, wash their stuff in the below concoction every other month and it will help lessen that bio-warfare smell!


1/4 cup laundry soup

2 capfuls of Lysol

3 capful bleach

fabric softener

* combine the top 3 together

** I wash all her gear,  gloves included, and then let air in the sun until dry.  It works, it really does!  I was a non believer when Mrs Ziff told me but then I tried it and now.... I am a believer!!