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Colorado Select Squirt Classic

Colorado Select Squirt Classic

Colorado Select is hosting our 4th annual Squirt tournament this November.  Join us as we work to grow youth hockey in the state of Colorado.  This tournament will focus on skill development, competition, and good sportsmanship. After the success of last year's tournament we are adding a second division to this year's tournament. We will have both Squirt Rec and Squirt B  divisions.


November 13th - 15th,  2020


Edge Ice Arena


Squirt Rec

Squirt B

Entry Fee:

The cost of the tournament is $1,350 per team. Payment and registration are due by November 1st, 2020. Please submit the tournament fee by check payable to "CSGHA".

Rules & Regulations:

  1. A check of credentials and qualifications will take place before each team competes. Required documents shall include: USA Hockey certified player roster, non-US teams Travel permits for all teams (as required). USAH rosters & travel permits will be checked at least 2 weeks prior to this event.

  2. All participants must abide by any and all COVID-19 procedures and restrictions if/as required by CDC, state, local government, and/or facility. Tournament host will provide details prior to start of tournament as needed.

  3. Only USAH and Hockey Canada registered teams and IIHF teams will be allowed to enter. CSGHA follows all USA Hockey rules. All tournament rules will be posted on the CSGHA CSSCT web page.

  4. An entry fee of an amount to be published on the CSGHA web site shall be collected from each team before play begins. A team will receive a refund of 80% of the fee if they must cancel out of the tournament and notify the director in writing 21 days before the tournament begins. No refunds will be given for team canceling without 21 days written notice. There is no admission fee for spectators.

  5. There will be a full Refund in    the    case    of    tournament    cancellation    due    to    COVID-19     related    restrictions/resurgence.

  6. This will be a USA Hockey sanctioned Recreational tournament (U10) open to teams properly registered with USA Hockey with competition at the 10U Squirt Rec & B levels. All USA Hockey rules and CAHA rules will govern. Each team will receive a minimum of 4 games and a maximum of 5 games. Only USA Hockey Officials will officiate tournament games.Only USA Hockey Officials will officiate tournament games.

  7. There will be a minimum of four-six teams at each age division competing in a round robin format. Points will be awarded according to the following point system: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The top 4 teams in each age division after the round robin will be seeded into a single elimination playoff for the championship. Each team is guaranteed 4 games with a max of 5 games.

  8. Home teams shall wear light (white) jerseys and away teams shall wear dark jerseys. The tournament director reserves the right to change color designations if necessary.

  9. All games will have 1 12 minute run period and 2 12 minute stop time periods as follows: 10UA & 10UB - 1st period run time, 2nd & 3rd period stop time.

  10. No game will be played under curfew rules - however if at any time during the third period the score differential is 4 or more, the game clock will go to running time. Stop time will only resume when the deficit is reduced to less than four goals. When in running time, a penalty will start when play resumes.

  11. Clock & Scorekeeping will be handled by host assoc.  Penalty box will be Handled by the teams    Teams will also need to supply their own pucks for warm up.

  12. Check in 30 mins prior to gametime, be ready to take the ice up to 10 mins prior to official game start.

  13. Tournament officials reserve the right to end any game or move any game to running time if the officials and/or referee deem the game has become unsafe, or to recover time in the tournament schedule. All tournament officials will be current USA Hockey registered officials.

  14. No time outs will be allowed in the round robin games. One time out per team will be allowed in the championship games.

  15. A tie game after regulation play in the round robin portion of the tournament will remain a tie. Only championship games will have a shootout. A tie game after regulation play in the championship rounds will have a one minute rest period followed by a 5 man shootout will ensue. Each team will designate 5 shooters and the teams will alternate penalty shots on the opposing goalie, home team first. Best of 5 shots wins. If the score remains tied following the first 5 shooters, each team will designate an additional shooter, different from the first 5. Each team will alternate shooters until a winner is determined (all members of each team must be used in the shootout before repeating). 2. In championship games a 5 man shootout will ensue just like the. Each team will designate 5 shooters and the teams will alternate penalty shots on
    the opposing goalie, home team first. Best of 5 shots wins. If the score remains tied following the first 5 shooters, each team will designate an additional shooter, different from the first 5. Each team will alternate shooters until a winner is determined (all members of each team must be used in the shootout before repeating).

  16. In the event there is a tie in game points when determining seed positions for the championship game the tiebreakers will be applied as follows: 1. If two teams are tied, head-to-head results between the two teams. If still tied or more than two teams tied: 2. Goal differential: Subtracting goals-against from goals-scored, all games considered, the team with best +/- rating being ranked highest. The maximum goal differential per game is +4. For example, a team who wins a game 7-2 will be credited with +4, even though the team’s goal differential was +5. Head-to-head results will not factor back in; all teams will be ranked and seed based on the tie-breaker. If still tied: 3. Team allowing the fewest goals against. If still tied: 4. The team with the fewest penalty minutes. If still tied: 5. Coin toss.

  17. Teams are required to check in 45 minutes before their scheduled game time for locker room assignments and all teams will be flexible and cooperative in the event that start times or rink assignments need to be changed. The first game of the day will start on schedule.

  18. Penalty Box will be covered by volunteers from participating teams. NO coaching from the penalty box.

  19. Teams must be ready to take the ice within 2 minutes after the Zamboni doors have closed unless directed otherwise by tournament officials. A 3-minute warm up period will start when the Zamboni doors close.

  20. Locker rooms will be assigned and keys will be checked out at the tournament table or at venue's front desk before each game. The Head coach, or one of their assistants if they are not available, is totally responsible for the locker room. This responsibility CANNOT be delegated to a parent volunteer, or any other individual that is not an assistant coach on the team. All meetings being held in a locker room between a player and a coach must be monitored by an additional adult. Teams are required to leave their locker room clean and damage free. Tournament officials will inspect for damage and cleanliness after each game. Teams will be held responsible for following the USAH locker room policy and any damage to the locker rooms will be repaired at the expense of the team/player responsible for the damage. Teams will be refused a locker room for the remainder of the tournament if there are issues. Locking the locker room during the game is the responsibility of the team. CSGHA and tournament venue is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  21. The tournament committee, through its director will handle protests and disputes. The director reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the interpretation of the tournament rules. The director will act in the best interest of the players, coaches, and the game in general. The director’s decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Issues relating to officiating are not subject to the jurisdiction of the tournament director. Coaches may make a formal written appeal regarding officiating to the tournament committee no sooner than 12 hours after the game in question has ended. At that time, a meeting of the tournament committee and the director of officiating will convene to consider the appeal. The decision of the tournament committee and the director of officiating will be final. The fee for a written appeal is $150.00 and is payable when filing the appeal with the tournament director.

  22. Championship and Runner-Up awards will be presented to the first and second place teams of each age division at the conclusion of the championship game.

  23. Any player receiving a major penalty for fisticuffs (fighting) shall automatically be ejected for the duration of the tournament. The player must leave the ice surface and team bench area immediately. Furthermore, all teams registered under CAHA must comply with all suspensions. All 601 penalties will result in a 1 game mandatory suspension from USA Hockey. Any team with 15 penalties will see their head coach suspended from the next game.

  24. Any player, coach, team, team official, parent, or spectator who demonstrates rude, vulgar, damaging, or unsportsmanlike conduct during the duration of the tournament at any of the tournament venues and/or on hotel property is subject to discipline by the CSGHA tournament committee. This may include removal from ice arena/hotel property, suspension from games, or expulsion from the entire tournament/hotel stay.

  25. All players are required to wear mouth guards. Canadian teams must adhere to their rule regarding the use of neck guards.

  26. Only the head coach or the team manager may express concerns to the tournament director and/or other tournament officials.

  27. No noise devices allowed. This includes, but is not limited to bells and horns.

  28. The following rules are mandated by CAHA: 1. Any team which enters a tournament which fails to appear on time for a scheduled game, or refuses to play, shall (1) forfeit all of its tournament games, (2) shall pay for all expenses, including but not limited to referee’s fees and all ice costs for each forfeited game and shall be denied entry in any tournaments for the
    remainder of the season. 2. All teams, including but not limited to out-of-state teams, must place on file with the tournament director before the first tournament game, a copy of the Team Roster Form which has been approved and signed by their USA Hockey or CAHA Registrar. If any team shall fail to comply with this rule, that team shall forfeit all games until the proper signed and sealed team roster is presented to the tournament director. The team violating this rule shall remain obligated to and shall pay all financial obligations to all opponents for the forfeited game costs and the league or tournament entry fees.

  29. All teams must register in the age appropriate level/division per the USA Hockey sanctioned levels. Any team found in violation of these rules will forfeit 100% of the tournament registration fee, no exceptions.

  30. Game results will be posted on Sport NGIN within 24 hours of game being completed.

  31. All teams are required to stay in approved CSGHA Host Hotels. CSGHA will assign teams to a sponsored hotel. The approved tournament list is available on CSGHA’s Website (

Squirt Classic 2019

Registration deadline is November 1st, 2020 

CAHA Sanction Number: TBD

The Registration "Colorado Select Squirt Classic" is not currently available.


Questions?  Email Jesse Davis, Director of Hockey.